Kitchens for Boats, Yachts & Cruise Ships

At Indigo Catering Equipment, we offer commercial kitchen design and installation services for a range of marine boats and cruise ships.

Our specialist team are able to design bespoke marine and offshore galleys, from an initial consultation to sourcing you the best specification catering equipment for your needs. We understand that safety and performance are key factors to ship kitchens and build these into every aspect of our design.

Key design factors:

  • On-board health and safety
  • International hygiene standards
  • SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) commercial specifications
  • Food service logistics
  • State of the art extraction and electrical systems
  • Food transport and waste management

We’re able to work with any size ship, from workboats and barges to larger cruise liners. To discuss your requirements, call 01323 843447, or email us on with no obligation.

Durability and workflow

Stainless steel and lightweight equipment and furniture are suitable for both lightweight and professional galleys and can be used to fall within the total weight limitations of a vessel. Cabinets and doors can be chosen to match a vessel’s joinery, whilst rigid units and equipment ensure they remain stationary in adverse weather conditions.

Overall, our designs make the best use of space to ensure chefs and servers are able to navigate the kitchen and walkways in the most efficient and practical way to complete their jobs to the best of their ability.

Full-service catering solutions

Once we understand your requirements and space on board, we can create in-depth and specialised CAD designs for you to review our proposal. Our plans will include electrical setup, the best layout options for workflow and state of the art equipment meeting SOLAS specifications.

From start to finish, we can design your galley, install it and provide project management, as well as ongoing maintenance.

Speak to our team

Whether you’re planning a brand new gallery, a refit or upgrading marine equipment to be better suited to purpose, speak with our expert team today on 01323 843447. We look forward to hearing from you.