Catering Insight Emerging Distributor of the Year 2018

The Catering Insight Emerging Distributor of the Year Award 2018 was open to kitchen houses that have been trading for 5 years or less but have made an impact quickly. We are proud to announce that Indigo Catering Equipment was the winner! This was due to the re-structuring of our team’s job roles to cope with expansion. Our owners Christian Barnes and Andy Booth even took on an apprentice to invest in the future of the business, as well as partnering with a service company. We have also recently revamped our website to demonstrate our capabilities, plus invested in new... Read More

How to Achieve Successful Food Service for Small Business Restaurants

When opening a new restaurant, it can be daunting. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on your shoulders to not only create amazing food, but to also give your restaurant a unique and comfortable ambiance to make your customers come back time and time again, as well as to encourage them to to recommend your business to their friends. When this balance is achieved, essential new business is created and your restaurant can benefit from a steady flow of diners from launch. This is ideal as a lot of money will have gone into preparing the property, employing staff... Read More

Our Commitment to School Kitchen Installations

Throughout our time in the industry, Indigo Catering Equipment has always worked hand-in-hand with East Sussex County Council, Surrey County Council and West Sussex County Council to help them to improve the standard of hygiene, quality and efficiency in their school kitchens. One of the things we love about working with schools is the connection you get with the community; going home after work knowing that the equipment or service you have provided has genuinely benefited the hard-working students and staff who are relying on a meal to help give them the energy to keep focused throughout the day. We... Read More

How to know when to update your commercial kitchen equipment

Kitchen technology evolves over time and it’s a worthwhile exercise to review the performance and efficiency of your commercial kitchen equipment at least once a year. Updating your equipment has a number of benefits: Reduction in energy bills and C02 emissions Reduction in prep and service time (automation) Increased food quantities/output Improved food quality Combined, the investment can increase footfall, customer satisfaction, revenue and sustainability into the future. Key equipment to be diligent about include your fridges/freezers, ovens, ware washing machines and ventilation systems. Look for the following signs and considerations to know when to update your equipment: Wear and... Read More

Is your commercial kitchen energy efficient?

Having an energy efficient commercial kitchen is essential to the profitable running of a business, whether a restaurant, hotel or sports club. It can also be a selling point to environmentally conscious consumers and is achieved most thoroughly through a modern kitchen redesign and install. How do you know if your current kitchen is energy efficient? Do you pay high bills for electricity, water or gas? Are you noticing low performance from your equipment? Is your equipment outdated? Do you have non-LED bulbs? Complete an audit of the following areas and if you have any queries or require catering equipment... Read More

The Greyhound Project Press Coverage

Indigo were recently featured in ‘Premier Hospitality’ magazine for our work at The Greyhound Cafe.  Article Below: Indigo Catering Equipment Ltd is a kitchen design and installation specialist, working on cutting edge projects throughout the hospitality sector. The company was founded in September 2013 and within the last five years has built up an enviable portfolio of projects. Clients include Greyhound Group, Elite Hotels, Brighton University, Muriel’s Kitchen, Salvation Army, Harvey’s Brewery and East & West Sussex County Councils, amongst others. Most recently, Indigo Catering Equipment Ltd worked alongside the architect and main building contractor on the Greyhound Café project... Read More

2018: Is it time to refurb your kitchen?

At Indigo Catering Equipment we regularly carry out on-site reviews of existing commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, and universities. During our checks, we assess the benefits and cost savings of upgrading for our potential clients and are experts at judging the right time for refurbishment. As we’re now in the new year, is 2018 the time to refurb your commercial kitchen? Ask yourself the following questions and get in touch with our team, operating throughout London and the South East, on 01323 843447. Do you have high energy bills? We can provide you with energy efficient catering equipment Replace your... Read More

Organising your commercial kitchen for peak times

Commercial kitchens in restaurants and hotels will all experience peak times where demand is high, staff are stretched and the focus is on keeping up quality service for customers. Whilst it can get stressful, peak times are great for business and profits. Christmas, New Year, Easter and catering special events such as birthdays and work parties all need to be considered in how you organise your kitchen. Through advanced planning and expert design, refits or specific upgrades can make these times easier to handle successfully. Benefits of organisation Faster service Happier staff and customers Positive reviews/reputation Earning repeat business Here’s... Read More