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Is your commercial kitchen energy efficient?

Having an energy efficient commercial kitchen is essential to the profitable running of a business, whether a restaurant, hotel or sports club. It can also be a selling point to environmentally conscious consumers and is achieved most thoroughly through a modern kitchen redesign and install.

How do you know if your current kitchen is energy efficient?

  • Do you pay high bills for electricity, water or gas?
  • Are you noticing low performance from your equipment?
  • Is your equipment outdated?
  • Do you have non-LED bulbs?

Complete an audit of the following areas and if you have any queries or require catering equipment upgrades, call us on 01323 843447 for bespoke solutions.

Energy efficient equipment

The latest models of ovens, fridges, freezers and warewashing equipment are designed to be energy efficient and will outperform older equipment which may be suffering from performance issues and wear and tear. Also look out for equipment that is wasting a lot of energy, for example, if they produce a lot of excess heat to run.

You can hire a consultant to choose the best equipment for your needs, but it’s also best practice to check the energy rating of all new equipment before you commit to a purchase. You will find that the estimated costs to run the latest models will most likely be cheaper than your older models.

Well-maintained equipment

It’s important that catering equipment is frequently cleaned, maintained and assessed to ensure it runs at it’s best efficiency. This may involve removing grease from ovens, clearing dust from ventilation systems and following the warranty instructions at all times. If your machines seem to be clogged up or worse for wear, they will be using more energy to perform, costing you more money.

Once or twice a year, employ professional commercial kitchen cleaners to ‘reset’ equipment to be as new for longer.

Lighting options

Whilst it’s common knowledge that LED bulbs are more energy efficient, not all businesses have switched to using them. Updating to LED bulbs will dramatically cut bills if you have a lot of lighting across a kitchen and restaurant area, and you can also benefit from stylish designs should you update. This is in addition to choosing lighting options that are solar powered – if your location allows – or dimmable, so you can adjust your use to suit conditions throughout the day.

Are staff trained?

One of the main ways to save energy is through the proper training of staff in energy efficient practises. Keys habits to learn include programming ventilation so it’s only on when required (i.e. during food prep and service), turning lights and water off when not in use and reducing overall waste and costs.

If you are concerned about energy usage, you can also take these further steps:

  • Thermal imaging checks by a trained consultant
  • A professional audit by energy assessors
  • Updating old and inefficient equipment

The dedicated team at Indigo Catering Equipment can help with every aspect of your commercial kitchen, including saving you money on your running costs from energy efficient designs.

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