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Organising your commercial kitchen for peak times

Commercial kitchens in restaurants and hotels will all experience peak times where demand is high, staff are stretched and the focus is on keeping up quality service for customers. Whilst it can get stressful, peak times are great for business and profits.

Christmas, New Year, Easter and catering special events such as birthdays and work parties all need to be considered in how you organise your kitchen. Through advanced planning and expert design, refits or specific upgrades can make these times easier to handle successfully.

  • Benefits of organisation
  • Faster service
  • Happier staff and customers
  • Positive reviews/reputation
  • Earning repeat business

Here’s some top advice from our team on organising your commercial kitchen for peak times. If you feel you need design or equipment changes to reach your potential, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Choose the right equipment

Commercial ovens, fridges and storage equipment are all designed for high volumes of cooking and it’s important you have enough space to cater for busy periods. Based on the size of your restaurant and the maximum number of diners, you can choose the right sized equipment for your needs. When volume starts to affect what you can offer at peak times, consider upgrading.

Top brands with warranties are durable, reliable and fit for purpose, with some models better suited to your set-up than others; this makes research important. Another consideration is material – stainless steel catering equipment and work surfaces are hygienic and easier to clean, helping you meet safety standards.

We have relationships with some top brands that will streamline the process for your staff, freeing up their time for other tasks.

Layout considerations

Particularly important for smaller kitchens or kitchens that are an unusual shape, layout is the top design factor for efficiency. Organising a kitchen into sectors based on different elements of the cooking and service process is essential.

The main considerations are:

  • Food preparation
  • Food cooking (meat/veg/kosher)
  • Plate up and service
  • Cleaning/washing
  • Storage
  • Delivery of food

Create an efficient workflow

The right equipment and layout is a huge part of organisation, but you also need an efficient workflow for chefs, servers and cleaners to adhere to. This will need to be tailored to your individual set-up but there are some rules to follow:

  • Ensure chefs can perform their tasks with minimum movement
  • Have clear walkways and usage directions for staff
  • Keep drink service and food service separate (keep food hot and drinks cold)
  • Fill washing equipment throughout a service
  • Record food wastage for future orders and deliveries

During peak times especially, a clear system supported by a clear design will greatly improve your workflow and service to customers.

Get in touch

Indigo Catering Equipment offer full turnkey solutions for commercial kitchens in a range of niches, and can update your design to ensure you’re always prepared to meet demand.

Call us on 01323 843447 or email sales@indigoce.co.uk with your enquiry. To visualise what can be achieved, please view our case studies here.

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