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2018: Is it time to refurb your kitchen?

At Indigo Catering Equipment we regularly carry out on-site reviews of existing commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, and universities. During our checks, we assess the benefits and cost savings of upgrading for our potential clients and are experts at judging the right time for refurbishment.

As we’re now in the new year, is 2018 the time to refurb your commercial kitchen? Ask yourself the following questions and get in touch with our team, operating throughout London and the South East, on 01323 843447.

Do you have high energy bills?

  • We can provide you with energy efficient catering equipment
  • Replace your old lighting with LED bulbs

The main sources of energy use in kitchens are your main utilities – cookers, fridges, freezers, ware washing equipment including dishwashers – and lighting. Over time, catering equipment becomes less energy efficient and will cost you more to run as you’ll be using more gas, electricity, and water. New models are also built with energy efficiency in mind and are rated to highlight how much energy use you can save.

By updating to modern equipment, you can significantly reduce your bills and reinvest that money back into the success of your business. Being more environmentally friendly is also a big draw to customers and can become a point to advertise.

Are you struggling for space?

  • Our kitchen plans can improve your layout
  • Make the most of your space with efficient storage

In a busy kitchen environment, it’s essential that space is used well to aid the flow of work from food preparation to service. We can design a bespoke kitchen plan no matter the size and shape of your kitchen, to ensure you have enough space for your catering demands.

At peak times, space becomes even more important with a build up of used dishes and service staff constantly entering and leaving. One way to improve space other than altering layout is storage, from deep cupboards to integrated devices that no longer clutter countertops.

Are you seeing signs of wear and tear?

  • This might mean equipment isn’t working as well as it should
  • If equipment is damaged, it may not meet safety regulations

If you can see marks, damage, mmoldor leaks on any equipment, or find it’s running slower or even breaking down and needs repairs to function, it’s definitely time to upgrade. In commercial kitchens, there are strict guidelines for health and safety so ventilation and refrigerators, for example, need to be working at optimum levels. Worn out equipment also makes the wrong impression to new recruits.

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, get in touch for a no obligation chat or to arrange a site visit for our recommendations. A new kitchen installation is a perfect opportunity to improve your processes and ensure long-term cost savings.

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