Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

At Indigo Catering we offer an expert cleaning service for commercial kitchens to ensure your catering equipment and extractor fans are well-maintained, hygenic and fit for purpose.

Our services include:

  • Kitchen ductwork hygiene
  • Deep cleaning

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Hygiene certification

As a commercial kitchen, it’s essential that you’re regularly inspected for cleanliness and issued with up to date certification for your insurance. This includes kitchen ducts, extraction fans and canopies being regularly cleaned to remove the build up of fats and oily deposits.

Not only are buildups of these unsightly, they can be dangerous and are a potential fire risk under the extreme temperatures of a kitchen.

Cost savings of a clean kitchen

Our work in your commercial kitchen will not only ensure you’re up to standard and that your catering equipment and extractor fans are performing perfectly, it will save you money on your energy bills.

Clean equipment will be more energy efficient and therefore use less energy, such as electricity and gas. Across a busy kitchen, these savings can be substantial over time and reinvested back into the success of the business.

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