Commercial Kitchen Furniture

Furniture for a commercial kitchen is as important as the equipment used to prepare delicious meals for your diners. Furniture makes a statement and acts as a signifier of your brand, quality, and the overall dining experience you offer.

At Indigo Catering, we are experts in designing spaces for restaurants, hotels, and a full range of hospitality businesses to succeed. Working with our preferred furniture designers, we can craft you the ideal space to attract clientele and even improve hygiene standards in your kitchen.

Our core services include:

  • Sourcing high quality furniture
  • Designing a plan to showcase your space
  • Business front furniture
  • Project management and delivery

The furniture we provide includes dining table and chairs, benches and stools, all in high quality materials, such as stainless steel and premium woods.

Whatever your requirements, call 01323 843447 for a no obligation chat with our specialist team, working across Sussex, Surrey, and London. View our case studies for examples of our recent works.

Attracting customers

Our furniture service will aim to create the right environment for you to have a healthy footfall of diners. At first, it’s important to get the basics right; the spacing between tables for example to create the right level of privacy or exclusivity, whilst safely permitting the maximum number of guests to meet demand and boost your income.

In this respect, furniture quality, shape, and style are key priorities. Do you require portable or anchored furniture for your business model? Do you need to accommodate elderly guests? When you get in touch we will ask the right questions to create the best plan, tailored to you.

Hygienic and easy to clean

As part of our services, we will choose the best furniture for hygiene and cleanliness. This will reduce time spent on cleaning and help you meet safety standards. This can include stainless steel and easy wipe surfaces without hidden indentations that can hold onto bacteria.

Call our team

We understand the investment that goes into commercial furniture for kitchens, and will always work to your budget and provide impartial, expert advice.

For trusted results by a team with over 30 years in the commercial kitchen industry, call 01323 843447 with your details, or contact us here.