Commercial Kitchens for Pop-Up Restaurants

Pop-up restaurants are increasingly popular for events and allow restaurants and vendors to find new audiences in new locations. At Indigo Catering Equipment we create health and safety compliant pop-up commercial kitchens in almost any location.

Our services take into account:

– Tight deadlines
– Equipment needed for your menu
– Unusual buildings and spaces
– Expected footfall
– Transportation to venue

Ideal for short-term ventures, seasonal projects, and one-off events, we can tailor the kitchens to your requirements from design, installation and ongoing maintenance, and will complete thorough site surveys and deliveries at convenient times.

Our expert team work across the South East, including London and Brighton. Call 01323 843447 with your project to learn more about how we can help you and your catering business.

Efficient and easy to use

We have a wide range of catering equipment to create intuitive workflows for chefs and servers, allowing for a fast and efficient service to your customers. We understand pop-up restaurants need to make a great first impression, and our equipment and kitchen layouts can make this a reality.

In addition to installing the kitchen equipment, our team will also ensure proper extraction systems are in place and that the space is fully functioning and fit for purpose.

Find out more

With over 30 years experience in commercial kitchens, we’re sure we can help make your venture a success. We’re always excited to learn of new catering projects and pop-up restaurants in the South East.

Get in touch today to find out more about our services with a no obligation chat with one of our friendly team.